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When your ready for the next level in clean, a clean so amazing you will think it had to be magic, call The Roof Wizard! We are a professional New Jersey Tri-State Area Roof Cleaning company. With our unique and special softwash systems you never have to worry about damaging your home or property, to get that like new sheen, our experts can produce double the results of pressure washing without the harmful side effects of high pressure. Call us today to see how the Wizard can make your dirt and grime disappear!

Making Your Exteriors Dirt Disappear

Algae and Mold

mildew-algae-washingEver see that nasty Green and Black gunk and build up on shingles? It is algae and mold and can actually start to seep into interior of your home. This can cause a laundry list of potential other hazards including health, structural, and more. These are some of the just several technical reasons to have your homes exterior cleaned of and then treated for algae and mold growth on a regular basis. […]

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Roof Cleaning

roofwashing-njSmog, rain, air traffic, dirt, there are so many thing that put dirt and debris on your roof, isn’t it time you had someone on your side that took it away. Keeping your home’s roof looking new and fresh is a job left to the pros at The Roof Wizard. We can make you think you just had your roof installed yesterday, with our proven safe cleaners and techniques and methods. […]

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A Note About Power Washing

pressure-washingIt takes a professionals eye to know when to use pressure washing and when not to. For certain applications pressure washing is still the way to go, and the fastest and most efficient way to clean an exterior surface. The key to pressure washing is understanding the surface you are cleaning and the kind of debris you are attempting to remove. Fortunately the wizards are the pros for the job, no matter what the application is. We can determine what style of cleaning is needed, how to help stall future cleaning, and then apply those methods, getting you the cleanest exteriors possible. Trust the wizards to treat you right no matter what kind of exterior cleaning you need.

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The Wizards Ways

We are a fully trained softwashing company with standing certifications in all our equipment and cleaners so that we know 100% nothing we do will cause harm to our customers property. We have been in the in the roofing and building industry for 20 plus years, putting us at the for front of the industry, and its standards. Our employees also must go through strict third party training and education, with both classroom and hands on training, on a yearly basis to remain certified. We also maintain full licenses, workman’s comp and general liability insurance. This way we make sure you are always receiving the very best experienced technicians possible. We make it a point to treat every customers property as if it was our own. We love what we do, and our magic is seeing the smile it brings to our customers’ faces! […]


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